Work It Out: Part II

[Tank Top, Yoga Pants, Yoga Mat - Target; Flip Flops - Reef at DSW; Water Bottle - Gift]

Continuing my series on working out and getting healthy, I started with an outfit I wear to yoga.  Which leads me into what I love to do to stay active and a sample workout schedule.  Yoga definitely kickstarted my workout regime.  I found that I really like YogaFit due to it's strength training and ability to get your heart rate going.  

My workout schedule goes like this:

Monday - Zumba: I'm not the biggest fan of Zumba, I find the hype of a little overdone, but I am friends with my instructor and she's wonderful.  The class I go to is non-competitive and a very welcoming environment where I don't feel self conscious about my "Taylor Swift moves".
Tuesday - Yoga: I love yoga.  I love that everyone is good at something and everyone isn't good at everything.  It's a very different type of workout but I've definitely seen my progress which is highly rewarding.
Wednesday - Run: I love the Couch to 5k program.  Seriously, give it a try.  I hate running with a passion, and I'm now running 5ks like it's my job.  I still hate it, but it's very rewarding to be able to do something you never thought possible.  My biggest suggestion - run outside.  I never saw results in my weight loss nor my personal endurance until I started running outside.  
Thursday - REST!
Friday - Do a Pinterest work out for toning
Saturday - Run or Yoga
Sunday - Run (if I did yoga on Saturday) or Pinterest Work Out (if I ran on Saturday)

You may not always stick to this schedule.  Many times when I know I'll have a busy weekend, I work out on Thursday and get two runs in during the week.  But having a set schedule will keep you on track because you won't be thinking "Oh... I'm going to workout... I don't know what yet but I will".  You will have more reasons to talk yourself out of it!  If you stick to this schedule, you'll be surprised at how regimented your life becomes.  My boyfriend now knows Monday is Zumba and Tuesday is Yoga and expects to eat later because of it.

[Headband, Tank Top, Sweatshirt, Leggings, Socks - Target; Sneaks - Asics from Zappos]

Invest in some workout clothes.  If you will be spending this much time in them, you deserve to have some nice and comfortable clothes.  I love Target (we all know this) but I also love their activewear section because it's affordable but higher quality than most stores with those price points.  Remember to layer if you plan on working out outside.  It's important to stay warm which in the spring and fall can be challenging.  I like this light sweatshirt and longsleeve tops over tank tops because they breathe and keep warm.

Also, if you have long hair like me, make sure you have many hair ties, headbands, and bobby pins.  When running, I always have my hair in a high pony with a headband or bobby pins to pin my bangs back.  Sweating and wiping hair out of your eyes is not pleasant.  To that point, make sure your hair is appropriate for your activity, like yoga or Zumba.  I prefer high buns and braided pigtails for these because the ponytail tends to whip all over the place and get in the way.



It's going to suck.  And you will get discouraged.  Just know that you can do it!  Your healthy life is just around the corner.  And like an advisor of mine once said:

Sitting is better the lying down.
Standing is better than sitting.
Walking is better than standing.
Jogging is better than walking.
Running is better than jogging.

You can do it, no matter what the level, and you are on the cusp of a healthier new you!

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