Dress Like a Middleton at... The Limited

I'm dying for that jacket - I have a brown leather one that I adore.  I think the jacket and the dress are going to be on my must haves.

[Pictures courtesy of Huffington Post (Pippa) and People Magazine (Kate)]


  1. So that quilted leather jacket is gorgeous!! And such a good price point as well. Might have to go on my must-own list (although not sure if I would be able to wear it often in Las Vegas?)

    Great post topic Sarah!
    xo - Marion
    ps - totally hear ya on the office pet peeve thing! There seems to always be "that girl" who wears the yoga pants to the office and no one says a thing!

  2. Wow I am loving these picks! I will definitely have to visit my Limited!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer